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Spark copies every typed character to clipboard


Under Linux, Spark immediately copies everything i’ve typed to the clipboard. Is it possible to disable that?

Ive been using Spark under Linux for some time now, and never experienced this. Spark (and Java) is doing nothing to copy text you type, so I suspect you have something else doing this.

How do you check this? We have two Linux machines with Spark. Just write something in the spark window and then hit Ctrl-V or middle mouse button and typed text will be pasted.

We use KDE. May be this is the cause.

Really, I have no idea. Ive used it with KDE, Gnome, XFCE, and others.

Ive never experienced this issue. I know there are other Linux users,

and no one has run into this before. What other things do you have

running? Compiz?

Strange. No, we don’t have any Beryl/Compiz. It might be java itself issue, i’ll check it.

Well, colleagues confirmed that behaviour on SuSE+KDE.

Spark copies message to the clipboard after you have sent it.