Spark Customizing Inbound Call events / popup

I’ve been searching for a bit and haven’t really found a direct responce to my question so I though I would open a new discussion for it.

I would like to configure or customize Spark so that not only does it present a “Caller ID Popup” when an inbound call is received (either through sip or through asterisk-im) but that it also opens a browser to a target url.

This is a fairly common sort of task inside any office environment with a customer/contact database - I’ve done it before using my own software but would like to simplify the entire operation by letting Spart/Openfire take care of it for me.

Could someone give me some hints in the direction I need to go (writing a Spark plugin?) and or point out some articles here or otherwise that will lead me to the correct information.

Thanks for any help,

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I wrote a small application that does CRM popups, it is definitely not finished. If you were thinking of developing an application I could send you the code I have so far.

Here is the spark plugin that we use. If anyone is interested I can post the source.
asteriskcrmim.jar (2689226 Bytes)


I would be interested on your crm plugin source.

I tested it but nothing appairs, is it something missing in my configuration? Another plugins or something else?

Thank you.

Under settings did you see the CRM Pup Up area and enable it?

Also you need Asterisk-IM set up unless you are using a SIP phone. Asterisk-IM only works with Asterisk but they are developing Cisco bindings for it.

Thank you for your reply.

I don’t see any CRM Pop-Up area. I see that your plugin is activate in the plugins window.

I have Asterisk-IM with hard SIP Phones.

When i receive a call, i only see the standard pop-up notification.

Hmm, that may have been a bad build. Try this one.

I am cleaning up the source, should be ready for release soon.
asteriskcrmim.jar (2738846 Bytes)

Hmm, don’t work with 2.5.8 version ? I use french version, a probleme ?

PS: it’s in plugin list in spark but not work.