Spark Debian Package [Patch]


here is a first patch to create a debian package.

Extract the debian.tar.gz into the build directory then patch the build.xml with the build.patch.

Use “ant installer.debian” to create packages

but its buggy …

i will fix it.
build.patch (2544 Bytes)
debian.tar.gz (2252 Bytes)

now spark startup worked.
debian.tar.gz (2273 Bytes)

fix emotions
spark_2.5.8_all.deb (12101316 Bytes)
debian.tar.gz (2267 Bytes)



‘spark’ package has appeared in debian repositories, see

If you ever build spark 2.6.0 for debian, please rename package to ‘spark-im’ so it won’t conflict with debian’s spark

SVN trunk already has been patched so the package name is spark-messenger