Spark guide (updated)

This guide is moved from the older pdf version, which was outdated and it wasn’t possible to edit and update it. I have also removed all the content with settings listing, as it is already available in the file itself and as this file evolves and new settings are added, one would also need to update this document every time. All the settings are pretty self-explanatory. Most of the settings use true or false as a value.

To fully configure your file you can follow this small guide. The are located at:
a) In your source folder under /src/java/org/jivesoftware/resource/
b) By editing the spark.jar in your installation folder. Go to C:\Program files\Spark\lib\spark.jar and open it with any Archive-program (like 7zip). Then navigate to /org/jivesoftware/resource/

(since 2.9.0 version this file is under /core/src/main/resources/ in the source and directly in the spark.jar root tree)

Now you will simply have to open it with any TextEditor, modify it and save it. If you’re using method b, your archive-program will ask you to repack, please do so. You can then copy this file into any other installation of Spark. You should note that spark.jar will be overwritten with a subsequent Spark upgrade and all custom settings will be lost. So one should edit spark.jar and redistribute it to all the clients after every new Spark version release.

Note: when editing spark.jar directly, you might want to copy it to some other folder first, or you will have to run 7zip via Run as administrator (if you are running Windows Vista or newer). Because UAC protection will not let you save changes to the file in Program files.

Below is the list of Look and Feel packages (skins), which should be put into “DEFAULT_LOOK_AND_FEEL =” to override the current default skin (which is com.jtattoo.plaf.luna.LunaLookAndFeel)

On Windows:

On any System: