Spark, Dial phone, timestamp, media service

Hi all,

I’m really confused about the use of the standard voice call feature in Spark. I just want to be able to make computer to computer call and I encounter some problems.

I have an openfire server (3.5.2 on a linux) with media proxy enabled and two clients connected to it (one on a winxp and another on a win 2k).

First of all,
I have to say that sometimes I launch Spark, the Dial Phone option does not appear … but sometimes it appears.

When it appears, I can make a call, the reciever gets the notification popup, I accepts, it works fine.

I stop the call and I try another time but impossible to get connected another time. In order to be able to establish the link another time, I have to restart my client that is on the win 2000 OS otherwise I get those errors :

the caller : “Session closed due to Closed remotely”

the receiver : “Voice Chat ender : No media received. This may be caused by firewall configuration problem”

(The fact of restarting both the client on winxp and win2k does not change anything and makes me able to call one time and restarting only the winxp client makes me keep the errors I just said)

I also noticed something strange in the media service on the openfire web interface : The inactivity that is shown is a quite big number, in fact the time since the 01/01/1970 00:00 in seconds. Is it normal ?

Thank’s for your answers