Spark disable "Close Room"


I am administrating an Openfire server for the company i work for since a couple of years ago. Everything worked just fine (and still does) but i received a “special” request. besides the normal functions for OF server my “client” wants a customized spark client. I have managed to acomplish some of the points on the request list like “disable” the Properties Menu, disable the “Close” button for the chat and conferences window.

I’m having a hard time disabling the “Close Button” for the conferences so the user can be able to close only the chat tabs.

I have managed to disable “Close Button” for all the tabs by setting “setCloseButtonEnabled(false);” (in but really want the user to be able to close chat tabs.

I guess a simple “if” function and the “isGroupChat” as a condition should work but for some reason it doesn’t.

Can someone with a little more experience then mine (since i’m a total n00b at java) help me?

Thanks in advance and sorry for my poor english! (1793 Bytes)