Spark disable exit button

Hi to all, i was wondering whether it is possible to disable the exit button once spark IM client is running on the users PC?

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Its possible with some tweaking and compiling Spark from source.

I created a patch to disable exiting. I also compiled a test Spark.jar for you.

I figured this maybe a good feature to have for Terminal server environments.

Let know how it works.

Thanks for your help, I am trying to follow the link however I am quite a noob at this, do I have to use tortoisesvn to apply the patch and compile with netbeans ? am I correct in saying this? I am trying to use tortoisesvn however I am quite at a loss on how to apply the patch.

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You can just install Spark 2.6 and replace the Spark.jar in the lib folder with the new jar I compiled. park%20No%20Exit%20Test.jar

Hi Joe thanks alot it seems to be working fine, should i wait for the 2.6 official release or is this release candidate stable? I already have 2.5.8 installed as the default client…

Allot of minor bugs have been fixed in 2.6. I haven’t had any issues with 2.6 in my environment.

I would test it for awhile to make sure that you don’t have any issues with it in your environment.

I have been using 2.6 for awhile now and it seems very stable.