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Spark disconnected frequently

Hi all,

This problem is already reported, but still i cant find any solution, in my company there is 250+ users and most of time 150+ user connected. Also IM gateway is used, no LDAP and no AD. Using Mysql 4.0.24, JDK 1.4.2_08-b02, Open fire 3.5.2 running on Sparc solaris 10 behinde the load balancer(hardware device). I was running perfectly then i changed the server name and load new self signed certificate(first i use im.abc.com and then i use im.abcinc.com). I think after that it disconnected frequently i also observe not all discoonnected bur some of them.

i cant find any thing unusallal in log file but i attached the log files that might help you find the problem or please let me know if you need any thing else.



Has any one work on it. thanks

Mudasar Yasin

Did you find a solution? We are having the same problem after 4 months of it working perfectly.