Spark disconnects from server

I just reinstall Openfire 3.7.1 . Everything is working fine until I log off of the server. Spark on the users desktop loses connectivity if I don’t stay logged on the server where Openfire is. It didn’t do this before so I suspect it’s a setting that I have missed. Can someone help?

You are using a Linux system as Server plattform? You may want to try to start Openfire via “nohup openfire start”

Nohup is a command on Unix to prevent application to stop after the user log’s off:

No it’s running on Windows Server 2003. I’ve had it running before and always closed everything and logged off the server without any problems, but now it disconnects all my users.

Openfire needs to run as a windows service on the server or else it will close when you log off the server. If you need help installing the service, let me know.