Spark - display issue

On 4 out of 80 machines running spark, we recently starting having issues with. might have corresponded with some windows up date - can’t say for sure but can’t rule it out. All computers in question are Dell Precision workstations with 4 monitors hooked up to them. varying in age but NVDIA cards, Zeon processors, 16gb RAM. Windows 7.

Spark launches fine but if it’s on any monitor except the “main” monitor (as show in windows) the Spark window is not visable. It’s there - if you put a window over it and move the window - it will show the shadow of the window that was there. same with the Spark chat box. User appears on line - etc. All functions seems to work - you just can’t see it. you move the Spark windows to the main monitor it works fine.

Tried uninstall/reinstalling spark. deleting Spark profile. updating video drivers. changing screens around. you might get Spark to work for 5-10min but eventually it will disappear, distort or otherwise appear non-responsive but it’s just cause it’s not being displayed right. so the work around is to leave it on the main screen which is fine for everyone but my doctor who is having issues and what he needs to run. so I need a fix and I have no idea. Also, it seems tied to the person’s profile - as in if I log into the machine, Spark works fine. Haven’t done a lot of testing there because all these machines are in different states and thus remote from us. so blowing away windows profiles or things of that nature are difficult.

any search on this issue shows me older posts from years - which either do not apply or involve things we’ve tried or upgrading to the version of Spark we’re on.

any ideas are appreciated. seems to be some conflict with windows on extended monitors and spark - a display issue but not sure how to correct.

maybe a java bug or bios bug…can you try this…

go into the bios and look for your video settings. look for something liker ‘Active Video’ (primary video adapter) and see if its set to AUTO. If it is, try changing that. There was report somewhere in the forums that stated this fixed a wierd java/graphics issue for them

Spark issue after Windows 7 update KB4034664

looks like MS has released a fix.

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