Spark displays JID / Active Directory Username by default in Roster

I have done quite a bit of searching and have not found an answer to this.

I am using latest Wildfire and Spark with LDAP authentication agaibst my Windows 2003 Active Directory (which is working flawlessly). My issue is when adding a new user to my Roster in Spark, by default it displays the JID / Active Directory login account name. I can however manually change the display name to refelct the full name of the conact so that I know who I am talking to. Other responses in the forums indiciate that adding

to the config file which would fix this up. It has not.

Is there a way for the default Roster Display Name in Spark to show the contact’‘s Full Name by default rather than the user’'s JID.

Thanks in advance.

What worked for me is changing that mapping in the LDAP configuration, then clearing the CACHE, then restarting the client.


I readded those 2 lines to my config file. Cleared all caches in the Admin console. Restarted Wildfire Server and Spark client. Added a new contact to my roster and it was added as the JID/AD Username.

Still not First and Last Name.

Anything else I can try?

Bumping this thread as I am very interested in getting this working.


I used it with OpenLDAP + SuSE Linux, the proper attribute on my setting is

That contains my full user’'s name.

I changed that and restarted.

Now I want to set the JID field …

Try adding the vcard info into your LDAP settings:


And also add the provider:


Thanks for the help. I tried you suggestion and its the same thing. Nickname is showing up as the users username instead of first and last name.

I’'m having the same issue, however, it only happens with a particular user. All of the others show up fine.

Good day all,

Using Wildfire 3.1.0 on Linux Ubuntu Dapper and spark 2.0.4 on Win XP

I was having a simular problem as I assign people to groups using the admin console then share the groups with everyone.

I found that If I added the user to my roster using spark insterad of the admin console I got the user portion of the JID showing up in the roster. or if I changed the display name after they were added to a group smae thing.

Using wildfire admin console, If I removed them from the group, did a group update, then added them back into the group, did a group update, then the Display Name came up in the roster instead of the username which is what I wanted.

Its a workaround that works OK for me.


Has anyone successfully implemented this in Windows Active Directory?

Yup. My company is quite successful. Windows 2003 AD, Wildfire 3.0.1 running on Windows 2003 sp1. Also testing 3.1.0 with success.

I meant the friendly roster names in Spark.

yup, works fine here. Send your config file and I can compare to mine.