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Spark does not open with folder redirection

I was wondering if I could get some help on this problem users are experiencing with Spark.

When the try and launch Spark, it never opens for them but it shows up under processes in task manager.

The users having this problem are all on folder redirection.

Spark version is

Windows 7 SP1 with all windows updates.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

  • Richard

its likely running in the system tray (by the clock) and is hidden.You’ll need to customize area to show the icon.

I’ll check that out. Usually Spark pops up with the login screen and it’s not doing that.

Will post back.


Spark is definitely not in the system tray but it’s in the processes section of task manager.

It has something to do with folder redirection.

Any other thoughts?

what folders are you redirecting? I’m using redirection with document folder without any issue

AppData, Desktop, Documents

i’ll try to confirm your redirection issue, but it wont be til monday

I can wait and thanks for your help.

I think i saw reports about problems with folder redirection and using Spark on Citrix server in the past. I have searched the source for Appdata, as this is the first thing that comes to mind and in scr\java\org\jivesoftware\Spark.java (98-10 lines) there is:

private static synchronized File initializeDirectory(String directoryName){
        return initializeDirectory(new File(USER_SPARK_HOME), directoryName);
    }         public void startup() {     if (System.getenv("APPDATA") != null && !System.getenv("APPDATA").equals("")) {
        USER_SPARK_HOME = System.getenv("APPDATA") + "/" + getUserConf();     } else {
        USER_SPARK_HOME = System.getProperties().getProperty("user.home") + "/" + getUserConf();     }

System.getenv is probably internal Java thing on how to get the Appdata folder location. Not sure what can be done in this part. Also searching the web gives some examples that this might be some Java bug with determining user’s home folder.

I just don’t know how to stop folder redirection for just spark in appdata to keep it local I would think it would resolve the issue maybe?

Probably. But then your users would be losing their settings and history when moving between machines or when changing machines.

Btw, anything in the logs? Either in Program files\Spark\logs or in user’s AppData\Roaming\Spark\logs (if Spark is even creating such folder).

I checked the log on one machine and nothing stands out.

I’ll check on the server for one user and get back to you.

thanks for the help.

Id be curious if its something as simple as a permissions issue or a UAC thing? what happens if you run spark “As Administrator”

If I run as administrator, spark pops right up.

I think you’re right, it might be UAC or perms.

We are still having problems with folder redirection and opening spark.

How can one change UAC/permissions for Spark?

what happens if you install spark to c:\spark instead of c:\program files?

I’ll try and post back.

I had the same problem with folder redirection about 6 months ago.

I updated to the latest spark version and it worked.

latest version is 2.7.5

Thanks Eric!

That’s promising news.

I’ll try the new version and post back on my findings.