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Spark Fastpath Plugin: Where is it?

Where can I download this at??

I’m using the Beta and need Fastpath to work.

Client version of Fastpath plugin is already included in Spark installation. Check Spark > Plugins menu in Spark. Do you see Fastpath listed in Installed Plugins tab?

It is missing from the beta for me too. The file is attached. Put it in the spark application’s plugins folder (e.x. c:\Program Files\Spark\Plugins).
fastpath.jar (321104 Bytes)

Thanks, Todd!

How big of a security risk is it opening up 9090 to the outside world to get the web client working?

It will expose your openfire admin site to the world. If you are using strong passwords and the most recent version of openfire you should be ok.

I am. Good.

Last question… How do I link the Fastpath so all I have on my website is the “Online” or “Offline” button?

within the openfire admin website you can configure the buttons for each defined fastpath workgroup. Go to the fastpath admin area, click on a workgroup, click images under workgroup settings:


Alright, thanks much!