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Spark feature request: More checkboxes for roster

Copying from locked thread:

So many requests. So what about adding more chekcboxes to Contacts menu?

Show Offline Contacts in their groups

Sort Contacts by presence (for the upper option)

No Groups View - yes, again. I’‘m thinking about this often. Because with our complicated nested roster structure at work i often have to scroll up and down to find some persons (not for chating, so i could just use Find). Sometimes i just have some list of workers (in alphabet order) and need to check if they are online, so i would just put all contacts in one group and go through the list. As admin i can use Sessions Page for that, but i have to be logged in, and it’'s not really convinient (usernames only). And maybe someone would prefer to use such view all the time. So i dont need to delete all my groups and put everyone together to please someone.

so it’'s partly implemented


Sort Contacts by presence (for the upper option)

Now it works like i said, but i was thinking about current behaviour only as an option. I need to sort contacts in group only by name. So another checkbox is needed.

No Groups View

This is my obsession