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Spark Feature Requests

Could I request a couple of features (which should be easy to add):

  1. Away Due To Idle. Not the best text, IMHO. Could we make this customisable? So the admin interface has ‘‘automatically set idle status after x minutes’’ and ‘‘idle text’’ which would be set as the status after the defined time? i.e. ‘‘I’‘m not currently at my desk’’ or whatever.

  2. Disable reconnect. We’‘ve had no end of problems with features not working after automatic reconnection (people appearing online but not receiving message, file transfers failing etc). Why this is different to a logout/login I don’'t know, but having the ability to disable the feature would be great. Leave it on as default, but being able to add a line to the config file to disable this would really help.

  3. Support for using a different username to JID. From what I understand from the RFC, the server expects the client to present a JID during the login process. The first part of the JID is used as a username. However, the RFC also states that you can specify an alternate username to authenticate with. A friendly coder has worked around this for me to solve my particular issue, however this method follows the RFC so would be desirable to be able to support it with Spark.

  4. Login messages. I’‘m not sure whether this is a missing feature in Openfire, or Spark or neither. However, I’‘d like to be able (as a sysadmin) to be able to set a login message in Openfire to be displayed in Spark. I’‘m guessing this feature is missing from Openfire and Spark would display all server messages, but I’'m not sure.

Anyone else find any of these useful in their environments?

  1. well, i understand why you want it to disable, but i prefer this feature to be fixed at loast, not just an option to disable it.

  2. maybe JM-295

With (2) I’'m aware that it has supposed to have been fixed for the last few releases.

I therefore thought, rather than delay my rollout/suffer lots of support calls I’‘d prefer a quick change to disable it (and I’'d reenable it when it works properly).

It does sounds like (4) will we a great solution. However, the issue is 12 months old, so I don’'t expect a timely resolution

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DeeJay wrote:

It does sounds like (4) will we a great solution. However, the issue is 12 months old, so I don’'t expect a timely resolution

Well. It’'s on 7th place by votes http://www.igniterealtime.org/issues/browse/JM?report=com.atlassian.jira.plugin. system.project:popularissues-panel

and Matt is often saying they are keeping focus on popular issues

Well, I’'ve voted, to lets hope it gets some attention soon

I’‘m toying with writing some stuff for Spark anyway (specific stuff for my company as well as features that I think need adding) so I’'ll make the others (away message etc) my first little project.

All I need to do now is work out how to use the development environment. It’‘s a long way from GCC which is what I’'m used to!