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Spark for android

Was excited when I spotted this -https://play.google.com/store/apps/det ails?id=com.spark

But oh… Its some dating crap, any plans for mobile clients with fastpath support?

LG link ‘removed’

Wow, really shameful rip-off of the name and logo (and they couldn’t even cut it right, there is green borders around the logo) Well, we don’t have money nor the lawyers, so let them have it…

There are no plans for mobile client (there are no active developers for the desktop version even, not talking about Fastpath, which is rather dead). Well, there are some mobile clients based on aSmack (same library Spark is based on), but they will look differently and of course no Fastpath.

I’m surprised fastpath has been the best solution I could find for the past two years. If had more time and less sloppy code I could of lent a hand but I’m blessed with a 1 month old and a busy job .