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Spark for MAC OS


I can’t get SPARK to work on my MacBook Pro. I get an error message Unknown connection error. Please review the logs for more information.


What do you put as a server/domain on login screen? Is this a server you can reach from your computer? You can try looking for logs. Maybe $HOME/.Spark/logs


My local domain here on campus. It is a server I can reach from my computer. It works fine on my Windows computer.

I read the logs and I don’t understand any of it. Is there something I should be looking for in particular?


Post the logs here


I get the logs by checking Start debugger on startup under the Advanced tab correct?


Logs are created anyway. Debugger option will launch debugger after login. But as you can’t login, there will be no use probably.



This is not useful. Logs are needed.


I do I get to the logs then?


I get that you found them, but don’t understand them. So post them here. I don’t have Mac, so i can’t say for sure where to find them. Try $HOME/.Spark/logs


another option may be to use macs builtin messages app. it is also an xmpp client.


I think Messages does not support XMPP anymore. But there are other clients for macOS https://xmpp.org/software/clients.html


On the link that you sent me, Spark is listed as one of those messages app.

So are you implying that I will not be able to use Spark on my MacBook Pro?


We might get some insight if we can get the logs. We don’t have testers or resources to test Spark on Macs.


Hi. Is there an update on this?


No. We didn’t see your logs.