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Spark for OS9? (Don''t Laugh!)

Just curious… since OS 9 has 1.1.8 Java VM available, has anyone been bored enough to port Spark to a possible OS 9 install?


Unfortunately, it’‘s not possible to support Mac OS 9. We use a lot of Java 1.4 features in Spark so backporting to 1.1.8 would not be possible. Upgrade already! There may be some other XMPP clients out there that will work on OS 9 in case you’'re not able to upgrade for awhile.



There are just a few stations still running OS 9.2, all eventually moving to OS X, but I can use Jabbernaught or some other OS9 client for now. I was just wondering if Spark existed for convenience-sake



I to have a considerably large group of OS9 user in an I have found that having them use Jeti a web based java jabber client ( http://jeti.jabberstudio.org/ ). I have posted a link on our internal web server and users just click to run the applet. The applet also can be downloaded to run on the computer locally as well. It might make things a bit easer for you and the applet dose support server stored rosters, groups, users/room search, and group chat.