Spark forgetting logon server

I am getting reports of an annoying problem with Spark. Users are reporting that Spark occasionally forgets its logon settings. By this I mean that the logon screen is displayed and all fields are blank. In the best case users are just reporting it to me and I just log them back in again. In the worst case they are just closing spark down and forgetting about it. This is a shame because it is slowly starting to get used within the company. A couple of questions,

What is likely to be the cause of the above problem, any way of fixing this?

Is there any word on timescale for single sign on for windows users? I remember reading on these forums that it was planned for Spark 2.1. This would help eliminate the problem users are getting. Any guess on timescale would be helpful.


you could add some parameters to Spark to make sure that the parameters are always present in a shortcut:

c:…\Spark.exe username=foo&password=bar&

While this does not solve the problem it may be a workaround for you, and if the Spark username matches the Windows user name you can use “username=%USERNAME%” and probably also “server=%USERDNSDOMAIN%”.