Spark forgetting window position

Hi, I recently upgraded from Spark 2.0.3 to 2.0.7. With 2.0.3, Spark always remembered the last position of the contacts and conversation windows, so that the next time I started up, they would appear in the same place. This appears to no longer work with 2.0.7…not only does it forget the window position, but it places itself with the top of the window above the top edge of my screen, so I have to right-click its toolbar item and move it with the keyboard so I can get a handle on the title bar.

Am I missing a setting (I doubt it since I’'ve been through the settings multiple times), or is this a result of the new “Spark now checks for available real estate on monitor” “feature”?

I do use two monitors, and my secondary has a larger resolution than my primary, so perhaps that’‘s why the window’‘s starting position is so off…perhaps it’'s detecting the upper bound of my secondary display instead of the primary? Either way, it would still be nice if the window behaved like the previous version and remembered its last position.