Spark freezes up for 10-15 seconds when switching between tabs, sometimes

When there are multiple conversation/chat tabs open, sometimes switching between tabs causes Spark to freeze up for maybe 10 - 15 seconds. I have multiple tabs open frequently, and I’d say this freeze up happens at least once a day or more. When it happens, I just wait for a bit, then it snaps out of it and resumes working again.

I’ve seen this issue for several Spark versions now. I just loaded 2.7.2, and the problem still occurs.

Do you have lots of history with one of the contacts in these tabs? I haven’t experienced long switch between tabs ever, but if i have a lot of history with a contact, then it pauses for a second or two when i send a message. Maybe it is not related to your case, but you can try deleting (or moving away temporary) history with such contacts and check if it helps.