Spark Freezes up


I have been trying to run Spark2.5.8 on PCLinux for the past week and encountering sporadic crashes.

I’ll either be talking to someone or in a MUC and all of a sudden, the next sentence I post disappears. I’ll post at least another 2 and they fail to show up. I even stop seeing the other participant’s messages. I then come to realize Spark somehow crashed. And although I can close the main window. The chat window refuses to close.

Not sure which of the logs would help the most. So, I posted both of them in hopes of anyone being able to help me get an idea whats causing this. Im almost wondering if JAVA itself is the culprit. As I have 2 other clients that have JAVA in them. JETI & Coccinella. And they too experience this same issue. Only difference is that I can at least close their windows.

I dropped this same question on each one’s own support forum. So for now Im posting this here for Spark to see if anyone can pin point the issue.

error.log (2191502 Bytes)
output.log (432 Bytes)


do you get a similar error.log again if you delete the current one. I wonder if the errors which occur before the AWT null pointer exception have something to do with it.

Anyhow it seems to be a Java problem as also other applications have this problem.


Hey! Thanks for the response!

I removed the error log as you suggested. However the problem still occurred. So, Im attaching the new error.log that was generated.

Ok, if this is looking to be an issue with JAVA. Is there any ideas what can be done on my end to try and resolve it? Uninstall/reinstall?
error.log (18670 Bytes)