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Spark freezes when chatting with specific user

Hi, I have a problem chatting with an specific user of the same openfire server (3.7.0). It just happen with that specific user. Both share the same LAN and we both use Spark 2.6.3 client. I went to the server and delete both accounts and redo them. If I try to chat to that user spark freezes. It doesnt happen to him. When he chats to me my spark connection freezes, but he can continue chatting to other people. Any idea?

I have the same problem,

i can chat with all contacts except one.

if i try the open the chat window to begin chat with this contact, spark freezes.

We have both the last version (2.6.3)

Try starting with a fresh Spark profile.

I will try this, anyway creating a new account with something different for sure will work. The idea is to fix the problem before doing that. Thanks anyway!

If you just login with a new account it will still use the same Spark profile C:\Documents and Settings\Username\Application Data\Spark) with the old settings and files. So i suggest wiping this profile and starting from a scratch (your history will be lost).

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Excellent wr00t, thanks. That was the solution!!! Only an important update regarding where is the profile located in Windows 7:


Thanks again!

An suggestions for this same issue but in Ubuntu? No idea where the local User data is saved so I would try clearing it but I have no idea where it is.

This seems to be the answer I’m looking for since I have the same problem. However when I delete this file located at C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\Spark on the clients computer, delete and reinstate his account AND reinstall Spark on the machine, his data is still saved…

What am I doing wrong? If I could make it so that when you open spark his information is not saved on the login screen, my problem would be solved.

Wyatt wrote:

An suggestions for this same issue but in Ubuntu? No idea where the local User data is saved so I would try clearing it but I have no idea where it is.


Tieron, have you updated Spark from an older version like 2.5.8? Then you probably have an older profile at C:\Users\Username\Spark

This is the old place for profile and newer Spark version just imports it if it finds it, so you have to delete that also.

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You’re awesome and the irony here is that I just found this before I sat down to respond. Trying this solution now and I should be good. I was wondering why it kept remaking the folder!

I also works for me in Win 7. Great solution…i have a question, what’s the root cause of the problem? the profile becomes corrupted?

Just a suggestion… shouldn’t Spark create a new profile for every logged in account? For example… if i log in using : User1 for my username… and then log out and log back in with User2 as my username… it shouldn’t share setting or anything in common. If i’m understanding wroot correctly… Spark currently will use the existing profile on that pc… sounds like this can cause multiple issues in its current configuration.

Dickinson wrote:

I also works for me in Win 7. Great solution…i have a question, what’s the root cause of the problem? the profile becomes corrupted?

Nobody knows what is the root cause of this. Profile looks ok, but somehow doesn’t work. Maybe this is related to transcripts/history, but this is hard to find out. Also, i use Spark a lot at work and at home for many years and this never occured to me.

Spark creates a profile for OS user (e.g. Windows account) and then that user can login to any desired number of jabber accounts and everything will be stored in his AppData\Spark folder. Settings are shared as such user will most probably want to use Spark the same way, with the same settings. But if you look deeper into Spark\user folder, you will see that Spark creates separate folders for different jabber accounts to store history, contacts (cache probably), vcards and some other stuff.

There is another way to do this without losing all history. First consider the symptom of the problem, opening a chat window with the other user locks the application. What happens when you open a chat window? The conversation history is loaded. So, to fix the problem just delete the conversation history with that user…

Once you’ve navigated to your profile directory, go into the transcripts directory. From there, you should be able to find 2 XML files that contain the other user’s account name. Delete both. You’ve now solved the problem and maintained all of your profile information, except for the transcripts that you just deleted.

Whatever the bug, it is causing Spark to go into an (almost) infinite loop and become unresponsive. I say almost because I left it overnight once and it eventually started responding again. Shame on the Spark developers for doing stuff on the Event Dispatch Thread (EDT) that they shouldn’t be.

I’ve encountered this problem even in old versions. Now we have Openfire 3.9.3 installed in a Windows virtual server and Spark 2.6.3 as our client messenger and still this would occur intermittently. I used to delete the ‘Spark’ folder located in the “User\AppData\Roaming” but the problem would still come back. What i did for now is reinstall both x86 & x64 version of JRE and include both into the system variable path. Hope this helps

It may also happen because a history file with a particular use gets corrupted in older and 2.6.3 versions. So one can only delete that corrupted history file, not the whole history. You can try using the latest build of Spark with a fresh profile. I think it fixes history corruption issue. http://bamboo.igniterealtime.org/artifact/SPARK-INSTALL4J/shared/build-665/Insta ll4j/spark_2_7_0_665.exe

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