Spark going Open Source!

Hey all,

Although you may have seen the news posted other places, we announced this morning that Spark is being made Open Source. Check out:

Press release:

Blog entry:

As discussed in the blog entry, it’‘s going to take us several weeks to get the code ready for release. This change in the license definitely won’‘t affect the release schedule in a negative way – in fact, we’'re hopeful that the community will be able to help get lots of important features done more quickly such as language translastions.



So who wants to be the first to hack in transports?

One will send a copy to it’'s boss !!1!

Guess who’'s the one (;


Man, thats awesome! Thank you guys, I’'ve been hoping for that for a long time


Thats really good news Matt.

I am sure we will see some great stuff come out of this.

Presumably Spark uses the smack API and it will be good reference material for smack users as well.

Keep up the good work.


presumably Spark uses the smack API and it will be

good reference material for smack users as well.

But of course!


Hi Justin,

you may want to look in you C:\Program Files\Spark\lib directory, there you’'ll already find smack.jar (:


Spark is Open, but is not Free[/b]! So, I cant make my own Spark client, change name and publish on my site, yes?


Once all the Spark source code is available, you’‘d be able to edit the source to do this type of thing yourself. However, it still wouldn’‘t be very easy! That’‘s why we created the Spark skinning service. It’'s an in-expensive way to customize the Spark branding. The service also does all the work of keeping the branding up to date with the latest software releases. Check it out at



That’'s great news. Is Jive going to have a booth at the OSCON in July?


Yep, definitely. We’'ll also be having a party – all community members invited of course.



Would you please tell us how long it will take to release the source codes of the spark?we are all waiting for it.


Now that Wildfire 3.0 was released at the end of last week, we can turn our full attention to making more progress on the Open Source Spark release. One good bit of news, though – one of the commercial libraries that we thought we’'d have to remove for the Open Source version may let us use it for free in the Open Source release. That will definitely decrease the amount of work left to do.



Thanks for your reply.

Can you tell us the approximate durations it will take another?one week?two week?one month?or above one month?

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Yeah; a ballpark figure would be helpful…at least, if you’'re any better at estimating timeframes than I am

Timothy Collett

Are you referring to the JIDE library? Any idea how that may affect a commercial product we are developing with Spark integrated into it?


Hi Ken,

We ended up removing all commerical libraries including JIDE. We went ahead and rewrote our own components, so you will be good to go under the LGPL.