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Spark Group Duplicates

I am running the spark 2.9.4 and have a few users that now have a “Not in any group” group, even though the users are actually in other groups. I can’t delete the “Not in any group” group nor can I delete any of the people in the group, the menu option isn’t even there to delete them… even move & copy have the sub-menu arrows but those menus never open. Additionally when sending a spark message to these individuals the message box comes up with 2 tabs with the message recipients name and the only difference I can see is one of them has the file attach button while the other does not (I also don’t know which one is the normal group and which is the “Not in any group” group.
When I compared the individuals that are having this issue they have different people in the “Not in any group” group even though on the others list they are in normal groups.
Any ideas???

Hi, this is ok. This group includes users who are not included in other groups.


What we are seeing is all the people experiencing the issue have the people in “Not in any group” in other groups already. Additionally we are using the computer client not the mobile client.