Spark GUI appears non-native since update (Windows 7)


Since doing an update, I’m not sure to which version I initially observed this (but I’m now on 2.6.2), my spark displays badly. I also don’t seem to have the option to select the Windows theme. This display I’m left with can cause tabs to overlap and generally looks bad.

Anyone know what is causing this? Couldn’t find a similar post from search.

Spark -> Preferences -> Appearance -> select Look and Feel “Windows”


restart spark

The “Change Now” Feature is disabled for Java integrated Look and Feels like: Metal,Nimbus,CDE,Windows and Windows Classic

by hovering over the Button it would display a tooltip saying so

I dont see any tabs overlapping,

and with anything visual: “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”

Thanks, I’d incorrectly assumed Change Now was the only way to actually change the look & feel. Apologies, I think this is more of a brain mulfunction than bad GUI.