Spark hangs and won't reconnect

I have a problem with Spark whenever it sleeps, hibernates, dock, or undock, the client will hang if not won’t connect.

There are cases when windows resume, it will not reconnect.

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Seeing the same issue here with a couple dozen users using 2.6 beta 2 and 2.5.8. Tried JRE 6 Update 20, 6 Update 7, and 1.5 build 13_b05 with the same result.

Please, test this with the latest SVN version from (spark-installer.exe).

The Latest SVN release corrects this issue for me. Sometimes the reconnect does take two or three rounds to reconnect after the link is in the ‘up’ state, remember when the link is ‘up’ the arp tables may not be current and routing may not yet be functional.