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Spark hangs or not showing users online

We’re having multiple issues with Spark Wildfire with client version 2.6.3 at our office.

Several users cannot get Spark to open properly … shows invalid username or password. Try again and it works OK.

Spark pgm hangs or does not respond.

Spark shows 50% of users online or none at all … but others can see the full list of users online.

Spark shows only partial transcript history or none at all.

Spark does NOT close in task manager after closing the pgm.

We’re running Windows 7 Prof for workstations and the Spark Wildfire is located at our data center in Atlanta, GA.

Here’s the steps we’ve used to resolve some of the issues:

  1.   1. Stop/Exit Spark.
  2.   2. Use windows explorer to navigate to the user’s profile on that machine. Under the user’s account you should be able to find the spark profile directory (user/app data/roaming/spark). Rename folder (to make a backup as all logs and conversation histories are stored here) and then start spark. This process will create a new profile.
  3.   3. Login to Spark again and the profile will be generated as a new user.

AnANY tips/suggestions to resolve these issues will be greatly appreciated!

ThThanks, Shane Draper at shane@m3as.com