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Spark History is Missing


We have an issue where users are missing their Spark history. In some cases there is no history and in others there is no history past a certain date.

To resolve we have the latest builds of Spark and Openfire installed. We’ve uninstalled Spark, deleted all traces of Spark in the system, uninstalled all Java versions and updated to the latest Java version and then reinstalled the latest version of Spark. Even after this the history is missing (either all or parts past a certain date).

Does anyone know how to resolve this issue?

P.S. I’m new to the community.

Thank you.

Hi Mike,

Spark history save in client PC. In the case of Windows XP, it is at below path

<user_home_directory>\Application Data\Spark\user<spark_user_name>\transcripts\

Hope it helps. Thank you.

Best regards,


Deleting all the traces of Spark won’t help to see the whole history. You might delete all the history by doing so actually. As Lionel pointed, history is stored locally in every user’s profile. If there is no history showing for the user, then maybe it was disabled and deleted at some point. Check the preferences. If some part of the history is missing, then you are hitting the issue that the latest Spark version has a limit of showing 5000 messages. But it shows not the last ones, but the first 5000 messages.

There is a ticket SPARK-1407 You can read in the description how to set it to a bigger number of messages. But it will affect you system probably as Spark will start to use more RAM and CPU. Currrently there is a discussion in the forums and a patch in progress,which will divide history by weeks/months and so will make less impact on the system. But i can’t say when this fix will be released. Maybe with 2.7.0.