Spark IM version 2.6.0 : plugin not deploying


Just loaded Spark version 2.6.0 and needed to make a minor change to a plug-in that has worked for some time with 2.5.8.

Now it won’t deploy when I start up the Spark IM app.

I tried to drop your examples.jar in the plugins folder and re-start Spark.exe.

Still nothing.

Is there some nuance I am missing?

Thanks in advance for you help.

make sure plugin.xml contains



in the newest nightly builds you will also require


if those dont work, you should post your errorlog

Thank you

I added the entries suggested to plugin.xml and re-built the plugin.

It did not help.

The error.log does not show much. (Attached)

I have JDK 1.6.0_11, is that a probem? (437 Bytes) (319 Bytes) (201 Bytes)

hmm, pluxin.xml looks alright

error.log and output.log dont say anything usefull

sorry I cant help you if theres no further information