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Spark in Terminal Server win 2003

Hello everyone i have a server windows 2003 terminal server, i have installed spark in the server, but some user when start up session, spark doesnt responding, i have installed spark 2.5.8, i need help, thank.

Not really a good choice to use Spark in terminal environment. It’s too “heavy” on memory. How many users do you have? Is this still happening if you only try to login with only one problematic users keeping everyone else not connected?

Thanks for your comment, your opinion is very important when you say that spark is “heavy” I was also thinking it, please can you tell me other client like spark or other version most light. Well… the domain has 40 users connected to terminal server, and the problem occurs with diferent users. Thank you

There is no lightweight Spark version. You can try other clients as Exodus, Psi, Pandion, but they are not exactly the same as Spark. Also you can try using web client SparkWeb.

Check to see the end-user has the highest settings possible for their video display.

Also, verify there isn’t a java conflict you will see a file in c:\program files\spark\hs_err_pid####.log