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Spark in Terminal Services Environment - help?

Trying to get Spark running successfully in a TS environment with restricted user access. Our environment is 2008 64bit terminal servers in a 2k8 domain. I notice if we make the user a local admin on the TS servers Spark will launch, however giving them FC permissions to the Spark install folder does not yield any results. Obviously we do not want our users running as admins in order to run one application out of about 30 we have published across our farm. I am sure there is a documented procedure but I have not been able to find anything on the subject.

Any assistance you can provide is greatly appreciated.

Anyone know the answer to this one?

There are probably not many comunity members running Spark in TS environment, especially on 2008 64bit, if any. So you probably won’t any advice. Spark is not the best solution for TS, as it’s java app and eats a lot of memory. Depends on userbase of course. There is one issue, Spark needs to unpack some files upon first startup, also sometimes it seems to search for some unexisting files in its installation folder. All this filed in bug tracker, but i dont know if it ever be fixed. You can try experimental Spark installer built on the latest code (no JRE included). http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/thread/37970

Thanks. I will give that a try. I guess worst case scenario we could try a different client on for the ts environment.

do you know why its failing to launch? maybe try something like filemon and/or regmon to see whats getting denied, probably better to do when not many users are connected so it will be easier to sort thru its logs.

you must have a fair amount of ram on your ts to be willing to publish spark

Will give that a try. I might just end up using Pandion as the client. Were running published desktop for about 50 users that do data entry. quad core 2950’s with 8gb of memory.

I will post back my results when I have had the chance to experiment further. I was just hoping someone had already gone through this and could provide the answer off the bat.