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Spark in Ukrainian

Would admin like to add attached file to this list so Ukrainian translation become available?
spark_i18n_uk.properties.zip (15871 Bytes)

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Hey. Thanks for the translation. I have filed a ticket for this SPARK-1731

Actually the file had to be named spark_i18n_uk_UA.properties. Also, the one attached here is with a wrong encoding, so i had to use one that you have added as a wiki doc (i have deleted it already as it is not needed anymore and will confuse others). But copying it directly from wiki added extra spaces after each line, so i had to first convert it to pdf and then copy from pdf. Hope i didn’t make any mistake while doing that You can find the new translation file here Spark/spark_i18n_uk_UA.properties at master · igniterealtime/Spark · GitHub Yes, it looks weird, but that’s how it should look like (java unicode codes instead of non-latin characters). Actually when i paste non-latin text into Eclipse IDE it converts it automatically. You should use this file, if you want to further update the translation.

You can test this change in the latest test build (813 or newer) Ignite Realtime: Spark Nightly Builds

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If I make some changes here when it can be used there?

You should press “Create pull request” , add SPARK-1731 somewhere in the name of this PR, say “Update spark_i18n_uk_UA.properties - SPARK-1731” and then press “Create pull request” again. Adding SPARK-1731 will link this PR with [SPARK-1731] Add Ukrainian translation - IgniteRealtime JIRA which i have temporarily reopened (this is good to have for a history of changes related to the ticket). After you submit PR, i will get a notification and will merge it to the main source. You will get notification about that on Github. Then Bamboo will automatically produce new installers (10-15 minutes) and you will find a new build on the nightly downloads page Ignite Realtime: Spark Nightly Builds

Keep in mind, that i’m going to merge 3-4 PRs in the near time. So the build with your changes might be with a higher number (821 or 822 probably). Well, it will be in the latest build after you get the notification

Also, since 817 build there is an issue that Spark is not able to login at all. This hopefully will be fixed soon in one of those PRs, but i can’t guarantee.

I’ve updated the ukrainian i18n resource properties file.
How / where can it be uploaded (I can’t upload files here as I have the “new user” status)?

Ideally it should be added as a new Pull Request on GitHub to Spark project. Because it is too much work to compare a file in a source and your updated file and move the changes to the source. I don’t want to replace the whole file as this will delete a history of changes. You will have to get familiar with GitHub though. It is not that complex. You create an account, go to Spark repo, fork it, do changes in your fork repo, then press New pull request and submit it.

If there were just a few changes, you can post them here (or paste it in some pastebin type sites and post a link here). A few changes i can move manually.

I did the translation in Eclipse ResourceBundle Editor and have troubles with committing the file back so I have committed file via browser and created pull request #399.
Hope I didn’t broke nothing.

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I have merged your PR. Looks fine to me. You can test it yourself in this build https://bamboo.igniterealtime.org/browse/SPARK-NIGHTLY-327/artifact/shared/Install4j-generated-media/