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Spark incoming sound

Is there a way to change the default incoming sound in spark?

Thanks Magoo

sound preferences are a per user setting, that is set via the spark preferences.


Can you change the incoming .wav file to be a different sound?

The button next tot the path of the sound file allows each user to set the sound to be whatever they like. Again this is a user level setting, each user can have different settings. If you mean in the source code, of course but you need to adjust the program or add a new file with the same name.

I tried this with a different wav file. I gave it the same file name but it didn’t work. I then had no sound. Is there a file size limit on the wav file?

size does not seem to be an issue. rights to the file and other such things will. what wav file are you trying to use?

I have tried several I just wanted something a louder than the one that came with the program. I will try again

Thank you

post your sound I will try it on my install.

also turn up your speakers. my default sound can be heard a room away with the volume up.

I have music streaming alot of time and I want to be able to here the chime above the music. So turning up the volume will only increase the streaming volume also. Here is a sample wav I tried. My friend seams to think it has something to do with the way the audio is compressed
huck.wav (6778 Bytes)

It is definitely an issue with your sound file. I cannot get ti to work either. I can get any system wav file to work though independent of size, or location.

It was the audio format. It has to be PCM format. The other file was mpeg layer 3 compression. Here is the file saved the other way
incoming.wav (56492 Bytes)