Spark initiating phone to phone calls?

Hi all,

Is this possible to achieve?

I have elastix and openfire (with sip phone plugin) working well together (on a same server).

I set up Phone Mappings (under Asterisk-IM tab) and SIP Phone mappings (under Server/Phone tab) matching only one sip extension per IM account and using it in both Phone Mappings and SIP Phone Mappings.

Also, I installed spark clients (with phone client plugin) to each pc.

what I want now is to use spark for instant messaging and presence, and for sip calls - but not as a typical sip client - i want each and every sip call to go through only physical voip phones. or to explain myself, i don’t want spark to take over sip calls, i want to use spark only to initiate calls - i.e. i have a voip phone with an ext1, and my coleague has a voip phone with an ext2. we both have spark clients and IM accounts. what are the settings that would enable me to place a call to an ext1 from spark --> spark calls my phone extension (ext1) first --> i pickup --> then it rings the ext2 and i continue my call by physical phones only?

also, how to avoid my spark client taking over all my calls - now, i can only call from my voip phone, all calls to me are received by spark.

thanks in advance,