Spark Install Size


I’ve recently noticed that Spark takes over 3gb of install space on several users computers. I’ve checked the Program File size - approx 250mb, and the Appdata size - approx 250mb, and finally if the file transfers counted towards this total - nothing even transferred. Does anyone know why Spark has taken up this much space? Surely the chat history doesn’t take up this much? I have only been running Openfire for 4/5 weeks.

Openfire version 4.0.1

Spark Version 2.7.6

All machines running Win 7 pro

Many thanks in advance


I don’t get the numbers. You say 3 gigs, but then you say only 250 + 250 megs. So how do you get 3 gigs? My Spark folder in Program files is 207 MB now (latest nightly build). My Spark’s profile folder in AppData is ~40 MB and it has tons of history. So, usually it shouldn’t take much space. But i had an occurrence when Spark’s profile for one of my users was 30 GB actually And it was errors.log file taking whole that space. Something weird happened and Spark kept pushing same error for a long time into that file. It’s a pity i couldn’t see what error it was as i couldn’t easily open that file and i needed to fix that quickly (C disk running out of space). So i have just deleted that file and it is fine for now. You can run a program like Tree Size and check what exactly takes most of the space in Spark’s folders.

Thanks wroot! i didn’t think to look at the error log size. Its a bit strange to me too as i can’t find where Windows gets the size from. I’ll also try a re-install and monitor the size. Thanks again