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Spark Installation

My organization is currently looking to deploy spark throughout the company. I cannot install it as an exe tho. Is there a way to get an .msi file so i can push it thru LanDesk? I have tried to comnvert it but it doesnt seem to work.

I think Spark will never be produced in msi package…

I can’t say never, but currently there is no plans nor infrastructure to provide msi packages. So the only option is to somehow produce your own msi installer. This means not converting the current install4j exe installer, but collecting files and packaging them into msi. Here’s one of the examples, though they are using the commercial product http://community.igniterealtime.org/docs/DOC-2126

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Thanx! It works great. And that “AppDeploy Repackager” is free for use.

But java-style windows look strange on my W7 :slight_smile:

May be it’s because of Spark_2.6.0.11392.xml file i used (from here)?


Yes, that xml is old and for the 2.5.8 version. Check the contents of Spark\lib folder and update xml accordingly (adding missing files and removing not existing). Also would be great to add those ext and windows (and windows64 if using on 64-bit) folders with files into xml. This look is caused by missing syntheticaBlueMoon.jar and synthetica.jar which were responsible for Spark skinning. Now it is done by JTattoo.jar (and some skins by substance.jar).

Update: was looking at 2.5.8 xml, and 2.6.0 already contains additional folders. So you only need to replace synthetica entries with jtattoo and substance in this xml.