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Spark installer - Start on system startup checkbox

How i’m understanding upgrade process? Is when program files are updated, but ALL preferences are preserved. Spark is putting itself to a startup every time i upgrade it. I dont need it to start with system. But i keep forgetting about that registry entry, so maybe you can add a checkbox “Start on system startup” to installer? Let it be checked by default.

  1. Spark is installed and there is no entry in startup registry, checkbox in Preferences is unchecked also (startOnStartup=false in spark.properties).

  2. Installing new Spark version on top of old installation. Installer is putting startup registry in system startup. startOnStartup is still showing false.

  3. Launching Spark. startOnStartup is still false, until you hit the Login tab in Preferences. At that point Spark reads the registry, puts checkbox in and changes startOnStartup to true.

  4. Exit Spark. Delete startup registry. startOnStartup is of course true.

  5. Launch Spark again. startOnStartup is true, but it doesnt create startup registry until you go to Login tab in Preferences. But if you go to a Login tab. It then reads the startOnStartup setting and puts registry entry in system startup. Why dont it read registry setting again and set startOnStartup setting to false?

So i dont understand. Why do you need to control one feature in two places? Havent seen such a messy startup function in any program. Why registry is not enough? If you are making this for a corporate environment, so admin could push predefined profile, user will still need to go to preferences window and hit Login tab to get this setting written in registry. It’s useless now. Spark should be reading that settings upon startup.

I think this should be handled in one place. I think Spark should obey startOnStartup setting in first place. If that setting is false it should delete startup entry if such exists. In corporate environment it would be better that Spark wount add registry entry without asking upon install (say admin is pushing an upgrade via AD). Can we control it in MSI, silent install? Maybe some users dont want it to run on startup. Why should they turn that option off after every upgrade?