Spark Interface is Either Completely Minimzied or Completely Maximized

I’m deploying Spark as a test run in my office. A few people have been chosen to test drive it. There are a variety of different operating systems here, but the one I’m having an issue with is an XP SP2 machine with 2 GBs of RAM.

Basically, Spark runs fine. However, the Spark interface is either minized, or maximized to fill the entire screen, occluding the Windows task bar. Since this is an interface issue, my first inclination is to reinstall Java, but I don’t know if that will make a difference since I installed it with the JRE.

Does anyone have any recommendations for a good first step here?


Are the users by any chance either using laptops or dual monitor setups? I have found that dual monitors and/or changing displays can cause this.

This is usually caused by switchin screen resolutions. Sometime the non-minized/non-maximized screen is located outside the visible screen. Eg. upper left corner sits at x:1280 y:100 and the physical screen can only display 1024x768 pixel.

You can use the context menue of the task bar to get the screen back. Right click on teh Spark icon on the task bar, select “move” and use the cursor key left/right/up/down to get the screen back in the visible area. You can use the mouse to resize the screen after the upper edge of the Spark window and one of the corners is visible.

I’ve also seen this happen when spark is running and you connect to a machine via RDP. After doing so, when I log back in locally, spark seems to have lost track of where it’s supposed to be. I don’t think it’s just scree resolution changing, I think it’s any change to the desktop size.