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Spark is showing Gmail contacts offline

I’‘m not sure it’'s a Spark problem. Today i have connected with Spark to my js.com jabber account. I have my friend with gmail.com account in contacts. I have talked to him maybe 4 times before with Psi with no problems. Today he got offline, but he said it was online and he send me a message. His status in message was online, while in roster it was offline. After relogin it became online again. All the time he was online in Psi. No errors in Spark logs. He is using Miranda.

Now when i wanted to test it it was fine for a long time

Though, maybe this could be a Wildfire issue http://www.jivesoftware.org/community/message.jspa?messageID=125194#125194

Seems that now it works ok, maybe some temporary problems with a s2s connection. Now i see that Gmail contact online for a long time and it doesnt dissapear.

UPD: nope, it happened again. Gmail contact became offline but it’'s online when i login with Psi or relogin with Spark. still happening

cant reproduce it with 2.5.2 yet