Spark is stop working after starting a chat with a User

hi guys,

this is weird, i’ve been trying to reinstall the SPARK client, even upgrading the version. but the issue still occurs.

let’s say we have USER-A and USER-B

USER-A has no problem when start chatting with other user, but when we start to 2x click USER-B, USER-A’s SPARK will stop working, we have to end task using task manager. and if USER-B 2x click USER-A and type his message then press enter, USER-A spark will stop working. both of them have same version. both have them have no issue when start chatting with other users. anyone ever experience this issue?

thanks in advance

Try deleting the profile of the user with that problem. C:\Documents and Settings\User\Spark or C:\Documents and Settings\User\Application Data\Spark for the latest versions.

hi Wroot,

thank you so much for your reply, so i have to delete the profile of USER-A in his own computer? before i delete it, should i uninstall the spark first? then delete the profile?

after deleteting the profile, then what is the next step?

thanks in advance

Yes. Try deleting USER-A profile first in his computer. You don’t have to uninstall Spark, just stop it. This user will lose all preferences and chatting history though. After deleting just start Spark again and enter login information, then try chatting with USER-B again.

hi wroot, sorry it took me quite sometime to update.

i had tried to delete the USERA’s profile and USERB’s Profile, but still to no avail…

the USERA is using vista, i deleted the profile in c:\users’username’\spark\user\

USERB is using XP, and i deleted the profile just exactly you mentioned.

the weird thing is that, they can communicate via conference.

also, had tried to upgrade to 2.6.0…still no avail.

c:\user’username’\spark is the old location for spark profiles. if you are using spark 2.6.0 the profiles are stored in C:\user’username’\AppData\Spark or for windows vista/7 it is C:\user’username’\AppData\Roaming\Spark

you can easy access your appdata folder by executing following:

Press Windows + R

Type: “%APPDATA%” without quotes and press enter.

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hi holger,

thanks for the input. will try tomorrow, sorry for the delay, had a few public holidays.