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Spark isn't sending chatstates

At first I thought it might be a server issue (http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/message/165240#165240), but since I found the wonderful debug window option on login it doesn’t appear as if chatstates like composing, gone, or paused are being sent.

When I send text to my client I see:

RECV:<message id=“XV1k9-32” to=“l@XXXX” from=“t@tXXXX/spark”

type=“chat”><body>bbbbbb</body><thread>K5tAkY</thread&gt ;<x

xmlns=“jabber:x:event”><offline/><composing/></x></messa ge>

Which has composing in it, but it’s only being sent when a message is sent. And closing an IM window doesn’t send anything.

My reading was this is a supported feature in Spark 2.5.8. Should this work?


My spark 2.5.8 does show me when a user is typing, has gone offline or come online.

Did you have to turn a specific option on? I definitely don’t see anything being send in the debug XML.

Nope just installed it nothing special.