Spark jingle calls


I have a simple question. Is it possible make a Spark to Spark audio call with jingle plugin (client side) and jinglenodes?? (server side)?

If if possible, is there a simple howto about configuration?

Thank you in advance.

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It is possible to do PC to PC calls in Spark. To enable call button you need to configure the STUN server.

Thank you for your answer.

I had read this post.

My problem is: if I don’t have two public IP on my server, does the PC to PC call work? Is There a public STUN server that work with openfire?

Why my Asterisk server don’t recognizes Spark user like Jingle capable?


Resource: Spark 2.6.3

                    node: 2.6.3

version: none supplied.

Jingle capable: no


I think in previous versions of Spark it had hardcoded or Don’t remember exactly. You can search google for public stun servers, though as with proxies i can’t guarantee quality or security.