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Spark - Launch on Startup - MSI Install

Hi Guys

I’ve created and branded my own version of spark and installing it with an msi

However I just noticed when I try the “Launch on Startup” option it doesn’t work.

Using Windows 7

I created the reg key entry


“Spark”=“C:\Program Files\Spark\Spark.exe”

That worked, I then turned off “Launch on Start up” rebooted, all fine, turned back on “Launch on Startup” rebooted, not appearing now.

Any ideas?


I created a GPO that starts Spark … and it works too. I’m running Windows 2008 R2 with Win7 & WinXP PCs

Computer Configuration > Policies > System > Logon

Enable, then Click the ‘Show’ button and paste in “C:\Program Files\Spark\Spark.exe”

Good Luck

In my case, i use a rough approach that works in my enviroment. All is done trough vbs and autoit.

1º Installation of standard Spark package

2º Overwritting of spark.jar with a prepared one with branding and custom settings.

3º Adding files for SSO integration

And 4º editing the user’s spark.properties to add the lines for SSO and launch on startup.

First login don’t prompt Spark, but from second onwards Spark launchs fine.