Spark LDAP Integration

Is it possible to centrally manage all user’‘s contact lists from the LDAP? As in, when a user is created or removed, the changes are reflected on all Spark clients. We have this working on Wildfire backend but we do not trust user’'s to maintain their own lists.

Yes, you can. We use Active Directory (LDAP) at our location and publish Shared Groups in Wildfire from AD. LDAP is LDAP, so it should work with other LDAP services. It’'s really pretty simple once you get it set up.

I have the LDAP thing going, all users are set and can login on Linux boxes (it is openldap) and login on jabber via Spark, but Spark shows no other user or group.

I can see all group (unix groups) on the Group Summary.

Any hint?


You have to go edit each group in the Admin Console to enable sharing. Go vote for JM-193 if you want to have auto-sharing of groups implemented.

I voted. For some reasons shared groups don’'t work at all for me