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Spark local ok , Internet cannot connect

Setup is as follows

cable modem - sends all data to router (True ip connect or something like that in the modem)

router port forwards to internal ip address of openfire server (for spark):








from wan1 to internal ip address

If a user on the lan tries to connect it works.

If a user off the lan tries to connect if fails.

what am I missing.

tested with firewall off so I know its not being blocked by firewall.

Do you login using servername or IP address?

Currently : static Ip address

your openfire server name should be the same externally as internally. In other word you need a fully quallified domain name for the server that can be resolved by global DNS queries. For example igniterealtime.org.

FQDN is set. still no luck.

I then saw in the openfire admin that the server name was not correct.

fixed that.

then wanted to fix host name and re ran the setup procedure

now I cannot get into the admin on 9090


How do I reset the admin password ?

You can run the setup again and set a new password. Change true in /conf/openfire.xml to false.

I’ve done that and I still couldn’t get in. Why would the new password not take.


stop Openfire. Edit conf/openfire.xml and look out for

<!-- <authorizedJIDs></authorizedJIDs> -->

Change this line to


The JID admin@example.com must be replaced by your new JID.

(You could also edit the database and replace the value of admin.authorizedJIDs in OFPROPERTY by the new JID, this has the same effect.)

Start Openfire and login.


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I was looking for the authorized info as you stated and I didn’t see it but I saw my sql password and it was short so I thought.

maybe that was a problem.

I reset the mysql password and now I can get in again as admin. At least locally.

Now on to the next hurdle.

It’s great! Thank you!