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Spark locks up messaging a specific user

Has anyone experienced this before? I have one user whose client (ver. 2.5.8) constantly freezes as soon as she double clicks on a specific user on her contact list. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the Spark client & JRE, and manually deleted any related files for Spark I could find between reinstalls. Oddly enough nothing I have tried has corrected the issue, when she double clicks on this one specific user, the client still hard locks. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


To fix this issue I tried everything I could think of. Finally I did something that worked.

I uninstalled the program, however doing so does not remove some files. So in addition to uninstalling I deleted c:\Documents and Settings\User profile\spark\

After deleting that folder and reinstalled spark that issue was gone. Keep in mind you remove all plugins, chat history, and customizations to spark. You might be able to just delete a certain file in there thats causing the issue, however none of that was important to me so I just wipped them all out.

Hope this helps! The issue was driving me crazy until a solution was found.

I had the same problem with Spark 2.5.8 locking up when sending or receiving a chat message from a specific user. What what different for this user is I tried to move him to a different group, and every since a chat with him would lock-up.

Re-installing Spark and deleting the c:\Documents and Settings\User profile\spark\ directory worked. Of course, I had to re-enter my Spark information, but it was worth it.


Yeah one of the files in c:\Documents and Settings\User profile\spark\ seems to be getting corrupt. if you install the Beta it does not seem to have these issues. I have switched most of my company over to the beta and have seen a DRAMATIC increase in stability. However there are still quarks.

I am pretty confident someone could isolate the individual file or the set of fils corrupted.

I have saved the chat transcipt folder and imported it back once i did a reinstall and that worked great. So I know its not the transcripts.

Willing to bet if someone went to the trouble of deleting files from c:\Documents and Settings\User profile\spark\ one by one it would reveal the culprit. Alas I do not have that sort of free time at work and would rather just install the beta and call it good. Maybe someone else is willing to be more thourough.


Here is what I did to resolve this issue:

I noticed that when user1 tried to instant message user2 (by double click user2’s name in the Spark roster), user1’s Spark would freeze up. User1 didn’t have trouble IMing any other user. Reinstalling Spark did NOT fix the issue but its a good place to start.

On User1’s computer, go to the Transcripts folder of Spark:

Ex. C:\Users\User1\AppData\Roaming\Spark\user\user1@domain.local\transcripts

(Note: The AppData folder is hidden by default on most Windows installations.)

Delete the two files for just the user that locks up Spark (I moved them out of the folder instead of deleting them in case I would need the transcripts again).

Afterwards, user1 can IM user2 without a problem.