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Spark Login info not saving

Hey guys, sorry to be one of those folks that just asks, but I really did search the forums first. Had no luck. Anyways, what I got happening is some of my stores are having problems when their computer gets turned on in the morning. It seems the username, password, server and proxy information is blank. LIke it does not save the information. Any help on this is appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

p.s. could someone tell me what setting i can change to keep this text box from resetting it’'s width and jiggling the text every time I type onto a new line? it feels like a bad flashback


Im fighting this same issue. When Spark launches, all of the login fields are blank, after I login I can logout and it has rememberd the settings - closing the program entirely or rebooting clears them out again. Anyone out there know of a cause / solution to this?

Client version 2.5.8 and 2.6.0 beta2

Windows 7 Enterprise x64

The plot thickens…

I run this on a laptop that is docked a vast majority of the time. Right now I have it undocked, and the login settings were there when I powered the machine on.


Spark is saving login info in C:\Documents and Settings\User\Spark. Make sure your user has write rights in that folder. Also, any chance you’re using profile redirection/roaming? I have tested Spark’s old and latest SVN versions on Win7 64 and 32 bit and i can’t remember such issues.

Correction - For Windows 7, Spark saves login info in C:\Users\User\Spark. After double checking permissions, etc. and thinking a bit more about the fact that it works fine while the laptop is undocked [but not when docked] in combination with your question about profile redirection / roaming I came up with the answer… It still doesnt make complete sense to me but here it goes:

*Our AD accounts have our ‘U drive’ mapped via the Home folder property on the Profile tab of the user accounts in AD

*I noticed that when this is set, opening a cmd window sets the path to U:\ (not related to Spark, but still gave me the idea)

*I cleared out this setting on my AD account and set my U drive to be mapped via login script instead

*Unmapped all my drives and rebooted - Spark now had all of its settings.

Something with the Home folder property on the account is overriding some setting that Spark needs to read its configuration - I think it was working when undocked [and off the network] because the path didnt exist and Spark was forced to use C:\Users\User\Spark (???)

If anyone has an explanation for this, I would love to hear it! I was already going to have one of the Admins remove that AD profile property and put the U drive mapping into the login script company-wide anyway, now I have more reason to do so!

I’m not sure what Home folder should be used for, but if it does no harm, i think you can safely switch to login scripts for network drives mapping. We do that via logon scripts. And i’ve heard Spark has problems in the environments with roaming profiles.

this must be quirk in Windows 7. This works fine with XP with home folders mapped via the account properties. I also use roaming profiles.