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Spark main window vanishing

Hi there

Well, we’ve had Spark up and running in our office for two months now. And it’s amazing, I love it.

However, one of our animators seems to have lost her main Spark window. If she needs to contact someone, she has to go over to them. I know - how Analogue! If someone sends her a spark, the conversation window opens up

I rebuilt Spark on her machine which stopped it for a while.and it’s happened again.

It’s a dual screen setup on an HPZ600 - Intel Xeon CPU 64bit operating system ans she’s using Adobe Flash.

Is anyone else having this problem? If so, is there a work around?

Here’s hoping.

Oh, and Happy Holidays to everyone!

Does she have the little fire icon next to the clock on the tray? Some of my users left click it, or right click it and “hide” the main window. Just click that icon and voila.

Thanks for the response.

Yep, that’s there, but the open/hide command doesn’t seem to work.

Anyone else have any clues?


maybe the main window got moved off screen, so it’s open, just can’t see it.

Close spark completely. Open the layout.settings file in the user profile (Win7 will be :\Users[user]\AppData\Roaming\Spark)

look at the mainWindowY and mainWindowX values and adjust them if they are out of bounds. 0 for both will reset the position to the top left of the desktop.

I have one user with the same issue. It started when she got a pop up on the screen telling her their spark upate available. She loaded the update and now the window will not open, unless someone sends her a message. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling, uninstalling and removing any registry entries I found then reinstalling, and also adjusting the layout settings with no luck. I will be working on her a laptop again in later today. Spark version was 2.6.3 until she tried to load the update. Now her version says Spark is the only application on the acting that way.

I got it working again on my user’s laptop. I uninstalled Spark, the deleted the entire c:\users*username*appdata\roaming\spark folder. Then removed all spark registry keys from the registry (backed it up first). I didn’t have enough time to look into if there was specific file in the c:\users*username*appdata\roaming\spark folder causing an issue.

Re installed Spark and it is now working - version 2.6.3