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Spark Manager and Sparkplugs

Are there any plans to integrate an API to access/control/use Spark Manager? It would be useful to be able to set controls for sparkplugs through Spark Manager. I’'m not sure what the technical roadblocks would be considering it would be a plugin for a plugin, but this would be the ideal way to implement organization-wide plugin deployment/removal.

Maybe eventually allowing sparkplugs to add their own page and settings to the Admin Console in Wildfire.

I think you guys are a little swamped with feature requests right now, but I think this combo’'d with the sparkplugs api would allow for other people to help out where they can. I would be happy to get going on a lockdown plugin if there was a way to stop it from being uninstalled via Spark->Plugins and I could figure out java enough to get even the examples to build. But thats another story .